World of Health

A retail chain of stores combining a wide variety of solutions for health and comfort, to improve a person’s quality of living. The division includes; Comfort shoes, insoles, and different orthopedic products.  Medent World of Health is the exclusive importer and representative of a line of world known health shoes, and insoles.

World of Health Division operates a chain of retail stores in the southern region of Israel providing customers with the following products & services:

Health and Comfort Footwear

The winning combination of fashion and health is Medent’s trademark.  Our stores feature comfort and health footwear for Women, Men & Children in today’s latest styles from the industry’s leading manufactures. Our trained staff will guide you in finding comfortable footwear in a fashionable style.

Custom Insoles

Our Trained Staff can evaluate your individual needs, and can custom make an insole to aid in the treatment of your individual ailment or needs.  Custom insoles can help in the treatment of posture problems caused by defects in the foot’s structure and improve comfort. Different production methods are available including the newest MasterPro Thermoplastic insoles.

Orthopedic Equipment

Medent provides thousands of products to improve a person’s quality of life.  Our trained staff can guide you through the process of matching an item to your personal needs.   All products that require adjustment can be fitted to the customer as part of our complete service.

Medical Equipmen

The Medical Equipment Department provides a full range of medical supplies and equipment for private individuals and medical institutions.  Medent ensures that you are never out of critical items.  Our Supply Chain Manager can setup a schedule for you or your company’s needs.

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